Weather Station

This scenario will allow you to forecast the weather using the selected atmospheric pressure and wind direction sensors.


On the Market page, open the Extensions tab and click on the download icon near the selected item.

Market section

Go to the Scenarios page, click on the “Create scenario” list and select the scenario you need.

Scenarios section


To edit the scenario name, click on the title, enter a new value and save.

Scenario setup

Select the atmospheric pressure sensor of the device.

Scenario setup

Select the wind direction sensor of the device.

Scenario setup

To save the scenario, click the “Save” button.

Scenario setup

To start the scenario, turn on the toggle of the status.

Scenario turning on

Threshold will appear in the scenario settings. Click on it to see the details.

Scenario's threshold

Setpoint list of scenario

So, according to the values of the device sensor, the forecast has been created. For example, you can change the city sensor, and the forecast will also be changed. It is very useful and straightforward. Just add one string widget and control any city's forecast.

On the client part, add the String widget and select the recently created scenario.

The widget on the client part

That’s all! The forecast is represented on the screen and will change immediately according to the device sensor values.

The widget on the client part

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