Thermal power

This scenario will allow you to calculate the characteristics of your heat pump.


On the Market page, open the Extensions tab and click on the download icon near the selected item.

Market section

Go to the Scenarios page, click the “Create scenario” list and select the scenario you need.

Scenarios section


To edit the scenario name, click on the title, enter a new value and save.

Scenario setup

Choose a device sensor that determines the temperature delta.

Scenario setup

Choose the device sensor that controls pump flow.

Scenario setup

Choose the device sensor that determines electricity power.

Scenario setup

To save the scenario, click the “Save” button.

Scenario setup

To start the scenario, turn on the toggle of the status. Turn on the scenario, and the threshold will appear in the scenario settings. Click on it to see the details.

Scenario turning on

Setpoint list of scenario

The following characteristics of a heat pump have been calculated:

  • coefficient-of-performance is a ratio of useful heating or cooling provided to work (energy) required;
  • heat-capacity is a physical property of matter, defined as the amount of heat to be supplied to an object to produce a unit change in its temperature;
  • heat-power is the conversion of electrical energy into heat;
  • recalculation-time is a time interval that will start to calculate the values again.

Users could change the initial values set in the scenario or edit some values on the threshold. The characteristics of a heat pump will be calculated again.

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