Watering schedule

This script will allow you to set a watering schedule based on weather conditions.


On the Market page, open the Extensions tab and click on the download icon near the selected item.

Market section

Go to the Scenarios page, click on the “Create scenario” list, and select the scenario you need.

Scenarios section


To edit the scenario name, click on the title, enter a new value and save.

Scenario setup

Configure the schedule for watering by setting the time.

Scenario setup

Choose the device sensors to switch for turning on the watering.

Scenario setup

Set the value for the start of the time interval (example: 10). Set the value for the end of the time interval (example: 20). In our case, the switcher has a boolean type, so the start and finish time values are true and false.

Scenario setup

On the Advanced tab, choose the device sensor of the weather state. According to this sensor, the system will detect the necessity of turning on the watering.

Scenario setup

Set the value at which watering should be stopped (example: rainy).

Scenario setup

Set the period (in minutes) by which watering resumption should be delayed after stopping in case of weather conditions.

Scenario setup

You can also choose the device sensor of the humidity. To save the scenario, click the “Save” button.

Scenario setup

To start the scenario, turn on the toggle of the status.

Scenario turning on

On the client part, you can create widgets represented as scenario sensors. In our case, only one boolean sensor controls the watering process.

Widgets on the client part

If the time is referred to as the time selected in the scenario, the watering schedule will start and will have been working during the defined period.

That’s all! In this scenario, you can set watering schedules and control the process according to weather conditions. It is convenient for automatically controlling the watering process and saving resources.

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