The bridge will allow you to integrate the OpenWeather API into the application.


On the Market page, open the Addons tab and click on the download icon near the selected item.

Market section

Go to the Service Manager page, click the “Setup Service” list and select the downloaded addon.

Service Manager section


To start the bridge, you need the OpenWeatherMap API key.

The addon settings

How to get an API key

  1. Register an account on the website -
  2. Follow the link -
  3. Use the default API key or click Generate to create a new key. Copy its value.

OpenWeather API keys

Paste the copied API key into the "OpenWeatherMap API key" field of the addon settings window. Click the Save button.

The addon settings

To start the addon, turn on the toggle of the status.

The addon turning on

A new card has appeared on the dashboard where you can monitor the weather in your chosen locality. You can access information about air temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, wind strength, sunrise and sunset times, etc.

The addon card

The addon options

The addon sensors screen

The addon sensors screen

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