This scenario will allow you to receive notifications for the selected device when its values differ from the value for comparison.


On the Market page, open the Extensions tab and click on the download icon near the selected item.

Market section

Go to the Scenarios page, click the “Create scenario” list and select the scenario you need.

Scenarios section


To edit the scenario name, click on the title, enter a new value and save.

Scenario setup

Choose the device or sensor for which notifications will come.

Scenario setup

Choose the condition that notifications will be sent when compared to the value. There are several conditions from the list according to the user preferences.

Scenario setup

Set the value after comparison with which notifications will be sent (example: 20).

Scenario setup

Select the Notification channels that will receive the device messages. You can choose the Telegram, Slack, and system notifications channels.

Scenario setup

To save the scenario, click the “Save” button.

Scenario setup

To start the scenario, turn on the toggle of the status.

Scenario turning on

Change the value of the sensor according to the scenario. For example, set the value less than 20, as entered in the scenario.

Changing the sensor value

After that, you will receive the notification message from the device.

The notification message from the device

That’s all! You can select several sensors that will send notifications after changing their values according to the scenario rules. You can try different rules to manage the device.

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